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 Web Site Design & Construction

A Web site is more than just a billboard.

A Web site should bring you exposure, customers, and sales. We design Web sites to accomplish marketing objectives. Give us a chance to understand your business, and we'll show you how we can use the Web to increase your business. And, do it in a cost-effective way.

Business Objectives
Our first step is to understand your business objectives. What do you want to accomplish?

Site Objectives
Next, we need to translate your business objectives into objectives for the Web site. Your Web site objectives may be to provide comprehensive product information, generate leads, close sales, or take orders. Your Web site objectives will drive the marketing strategy and site design.

Marketing Strategy
Once we have understood your business objectives, and we have developed a clear Web site objective, we create a strategy for accomplishing the objectives. The strategy includes such elements as type of Web site content, artistic style, mood of site and copy, elements that will appropriately motivate the visitor, and techniques for acquiring visitors' contact and demographic information. Before any work is done on your Web site, we present you with a Strategic Brief that provides an overview of your Web site objectives, and a marketing strategy that we believe will accomplish them.

Site Design
Once you have reviewed and approved the Strategic Brief, we create a concept Web page that will give you a visual sense of how we will design your Web site. We also create a site map that graphically shows the title and content of each page that we will develop. Once we have an approved concept and a Web site map, we will be able to give you a firm development budget and timetable.

Site Construction
Once you have approved the concept and Web site map, we will begin the content gathering phase, and begin programming your Web site. To insure that you are comfortable with the development process, we will post the "work in progress" on a staging site that you can visit at your convenience. We will also ask you to sign off on completed work as we reach milestones. By including you in the development "loop", we can insure that your Web site will meet your needs and properly reflect your corporate image.

Site Launch
Upon completion of your Web site, we will have a "soft launch", which is a period where you and your associates can review the Web site for accuracy and appropriateness. We will then make any final adjustments prior to announcing the site to the world.

Generate Traffic
Building your Web site is an important first step, but it is just that: a first step. We still need to get qualified prospects to come to your Web site. Our Web site design philosophy is to begin thinking about generating traffic from the onset. We design our Web sites so that they are easily found through the search engines and Web site directories. Then, once we have completed your Web site, we contact all of the relevant search engines and directories, and notify them of your Web site. We also generate press releases to appropriate trade journals and news organizations. Our next step is to identify Usenet Newsgroups and Mailing Lists, and actively inform these groups through acceptable procedures. We also recommend targeted banner advertising for search engine keywords. Finally, once we get the qualified prospect to your Web site, we want to have information request forms, surveys, mailing lists, and order forms, so we can collect lead and demographic information.

Analyze Results
An integral part of a good strategic marketing plan is the gathering and analysis of results. How many people visited your Web site? What pages did they visit? How many completed forms? How many completed surveys? How many qualified leads did you receive? What is the ratio of visitors to leads? Leads to sales? A monthly review and analysis of these types of questions will allow us to determine how well your Web site is working, and what areas need improving.

Modify Site
Based on an analysis of the results, we will want to tweak your Web site to improve its effectiveness.

Are You Ready Now?
If you're ready to begin the process of developing a Web site for your business, give us a call at 319-688-0123 (after 10 a.m. CST) or complete the e-mail form below. At no charge, we'll be happy to consult with you and let you know what it will take to increase your business with a BeachWorks-designed Web site.





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