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Mailing List Service

Mailing Lists offer an outstanding way to stay in contact with prospects and customers. 

We implement and manage cost-effective mailing lists.

An Internet mailing list is simply a program that transmits an e-mail to all of the mailing list subscribers. Mailing lists are an excellent way to send news and new product notices to prospects and customers. Mailing lists are also a popular way to build a community of customers who share ideas and provide suggestions for product improvements.

There are three primary types of mailing lists:

  • Unmoderated, Bi-directional Mailing Lists
    This type of mailing list allows anyone to subscribe to the list, and also allows anyone to post any type of message to the list.
  • Moderated, Bi-directional Mailing Lists
    This type of list gives the list manager the ability to control, or "moderate" both who subscribes to the list, and/or what is posted to the list.
  • Moderated, One-directional Mailing List
    This type of list is for companies that want to create an easy-to-use conduit for sending information to subscribers. For example, you might want a one way list to notify prospects or customers of new products or upgrades.

Mailing List Server
We use a mailing list server that allows you to have multiple mailing lists without any additional "per list" charges. And, unlike Majordomo and similar mailing lists, the list of subscribers is NOT available to subscribers. We will give you instructions for setting up an account on the mailing list server we use.

Configuration Services
A mailing list needs to be set up and configured properly before use. We have you complete a simple questionnaire, and then we use this form to request and configure the mailing list. We can also modify your mailing list configuration at a later date.

Mailing List Moderation Services
If you wish, BeachWorks will moderate your mailing list for you, according to your directives. This can be as simple as approving messages for posting and rejecting inappropriate messages, or approving/rejecting subscription requests.

Contact BeachWorks Now.
If you're interested in the BeachWorks Mailing Lists Services, or if you have questions, please give us a call at 641-209-1702 (after 10 a.m. CST), or complete the e-mail form below.





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