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Case Studies

Eric Randall, the president of BeachWorks, has worked primarily as a contract Web site designer and Internet strategic marketing consultant since 1996. Eric Randall also co-founded Digital Lagoon, a video production and Internet development company in 1995.

Between 1996 and 1999, BeachWorks worked primarily as a contract Web site designer and Internet strategic marketing consultant to the Kansas City ad agency, valentine-mccormick-ligibel (vml) on projects for companies such as Sprint, Northwest Airlines, NationsCredit, Hallmark, and Cerner Corporation.

Projects completed for vml include intranet Web site design and construction for Sprint; Web site strategic marketing analysis for Sprint; Web site design for NationsCredit; strategic marketing analysis for Hallmark Cards and Cerner Corporation; and various other Internet strategic marketing research projects.

Examples of the work created by BeachWorks while under contract with vml are unavailable because of client confidentiality and because the completed projects often also represent the creativity and contribution of vml employees. However, if you would like to know more about the nature of BeachWorks projects, or if you would like to receive letters of recommendation, please complete the form below and we'll be happy to fill you in! 

Web Site Design & Construction 
Although we cannot show you examples of the current work we have been involved with for Fortune 1000 companies, the following Web sites represent the application of our skills for smaller organizations:


Tahoe Keys Resort, South Lake Tahoe, CA


Develop an engaging and informative Web site that encourages visitors to reserve vacation lodging. 

Involvement: Created Internet Strategic Marketing Plan, designed Web site, created graphics and all copy, and now maintain and manage Web site. 
Special Features: - Searchable database of vacation rental properties
- Online Property Availability and Reservations (e-commerce)
- Online live keyboard chat with reservation Agents (NetAgent)
- Extensive use of forms & mailing lists for 1-to-1 marketing
- Coordination of site-- over three NT servers
- Site contains over 400 pages
Launch Date: November, 1999



Other Web Sites Designed By BeachWorks:



Contact BeachWorks 
Please use the following contact form if you would like more information. Or, feel free to call BeachWorks at 641-209-1702 (after 10 a.m. CST).




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