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 Web Site Review & Analysis 

We understand what makes a Web site successful.

We carefully analyze your Web site from a strategic marketing perspective and make recommendations that will improve your traffic, increase your leads, and generate more business.

A BeachWorks Web Site Review & Analysis begins with understanding your company's business objectives, and the objectives you have for your Web site.

The BeachWorks Web Site Review & Analysis examines:

We examine your Web site against accepted Graphic User Interface ("GUI") design principles. We point out problems and recommend solutions.

Search Engine Compatibility
We examine your Web site and recommend changes that will improve your search engine ranking.

Search Engine Ranking
We determine how well your Web site ranks when people search for your keywords and key phrases at the most frequently used search engines and directories.

Browser Compatibility
We examine your Web site and make recommendations that will insure that your Web site looks good and works well on all common browser platforms.

Web Site Design
We examine your Web site page layout and design, and make recommendations that will maintain viewer interest and prevent "bail-out."

Web Site Content
We review your Web site content, and make recommendations that will make optimum use of the Internet as a communications medium and help achieve your Web site objectives.

Branding and Corporate Image
We examine how your Web site addresses branding and corporate image issues, and make recommendations to strengthen them.

Lead Acquisition
We examine how your Web site collects leads and demographics and make recommendations to improve the ratio of leads collected to the number of page visits.

Reason For Returning
We examine how your Web site attracts return visits and make recommendations to increase return visits.

Traffic Monitoring
We analyze your Web site traffic monitoring program, and make recommendations on how to use your traffic monitoring program more effectively.

Are You Ready Now? Or Do You Have Questions?
If you're interested in the BeachWorks Web Site Review & Analysis service, or if you have questions, please give us a call at 641-209-1702 (after 10 a.m. CST), or complete the e-mail form below. At no charge, we'll be happy to consult with you about your site, and provide you with a cost estimate.



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