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 Virtual Webmaster

Need a Webmaster but can't justify a full-time employee?

The BeachWorks Virtual Webmaster Service provides your company with the benefit of a Webmaster without the cost of a full-time employee.

You need a Webmaster if you have a Web site. A Web site is like a branch office, and a Webmaster is like a branch manager. Once you set up a Web site, you need someone to keep it current, fix problems that may occur, and continue to improve your Internet presence.

The following functions are performed by a BeachWorks' Virtual Webmaster:

Webmaster Contact
We include a Webmaster e-mail address on your Website homepage and other significant pages, and correspond with anyone who has questions or problems with some aspect of your Web site. We fix any reported problems, answer Web site questions, and refer questions about your company or products to the appropriate person at your company.

Web Site Maintenance & Expansion
Because of the immediacy and ease of modification, Web sites tend to expand and change on a regular basis. The BeachWorks' Virtual Webmaster will make it easy for you to have your Web site changed or improved. The Virtual Webmaster will create new Web pages, create new information collection forms, scan photos and optimize them for the Web, and even set up e-commerce capabilities.

Web Site Tuning
An integral part of a Webmaster's responsibility is the on-going tuning of your Web site for best visitor navigation and search engine rankings. Your Virtual Webmaster will make "tuning" recommendations, and with your approval, make the necessary changes or enhancements. 

Web Site Traffic Analysis
Once per month, or more frequently if requested, your Virtual Webmaster will analyze your Web site's server log files, and provide you with a report on traffic patterns, as well as a brief analysis of the results, including recommended changes to your Web site to increase traffic.

E-Mail To Fax Service
If your company doesn't have e-mail addresses but would like to receive leads, questions, or inquiries over the Internet, we can fax your company copies of all e-mail correspondence that your Web site generates.

The Virtual Webmaster service is a quarterly contract service, and is based on an hourly fee of $85. The minimum monthly fee is $510, and includes the following:

  • 2 hours Web site maintenance (making requested changes)
  • 2 hour Fine Tuning (check search engine rankings; make adjustments)
  • 2 hours producing Web site traffic report and analysis

Additional work on your Web site will be contracted at the rate of $85 per hour. Your Virtual Webmaster will estimate time to complete requested improvements or modifications, and will not begin work until management approval has been received.

First month's minimum payment in advance, then NET 10, billed monthly, upon approval of credit after completion of a credit application.

Questions? Contact BeachWorks Now.
If you're interested in the BeachWorks Virtual Webmaster service, or if you have questions, please give us a call at 641-209-1702 (after 10 a.m. CST) or complete the e-mail form below. At no charge, we'll be happy to consult with you and provide you with a cost estimate.





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