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About BeachWorks

BeachWorks is the Internet strategic marketing consulting firm of Eric Beach Randall, located in Fairfield, Iowa.

Eric Randall has been an entrepreneur in the computer industry for 23 years, and the Internet industry since 1993. As an entrepreneur in the computer industry, Eric has a broad range of experience, including project management, sales, programming, computer-aided design, and technical support.

Eric began his Internet consulting services in 1996, and has focused most of his time assisting ad agencies and their clients. Eric has worked extensively on projects for companies such as Sprint and NationsCredit, doing strategic Internet marketing, Web site design and analysis, and HTML programming.

Prior to beginning BeachWorks, Eric was co-founder and president of a multimedia production company in Kansas City, Digital Lagoon. Digital Lagoon was a combined Internet and multimedia developer, and a video production facility.

Eric's personal resume and letters of reference are available upon request.

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