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Internet Marketing Service

Is your Web site achieving your marketing objectives? 

We can design and implement an Internet marketing campaign that takes full advantage of the Internet media and that will accomplish your marketing objectives.

The Internet is a completely new type of media, and marketing services and products over the Internet requires a new way of thinking. An intimate familarity with the Internet technology and the Internet culture is necessary. We have this familiarity and can apply our strategic marketing acumen to help you successfully market over the Internet.

A successful Internet marketing campaign will involve the following:

Establish A Budget and Clear Marketing Objectives
We start with a budget, clearly defined marketing objectives, and a method for evaluating the success of our campaign.

Web Site Review & Modification
We then review your Web site against the marketing objectives, and make recommendations.

PR Campaign
We review the appropriateness of a PR element, and recommend Internet-style PR.

Search Engine Campaign
We develop a program for achieving a high search engine ranking with respect to the keywords associated with the product or services being marketed. We also identify vertical market search engines and directories that should be notified.

Mailing List Campaign
Using existing mailing lists, and starting new mailing lists, are effective, low cost means of reaching targeted markets. BeachWorks has a strict "anti-spam" policy, but yet believes there are ways to use mailing lists for marketing purposes that are within the guidelines of acceptable use.

Web Site Promotions
We work with your marketing department to develop a promotions program that will drive traffic to your Web site, stimulate return visits, encourage lead acquisition, and increase sales.

Cross-Link Marketing
Marketing on the Internet requires creating new ways for your target audience to find their way to your Web site. Part of any good Internet marketing program is finding Web sites that would be willing to put a link to your Web site. These links can also be tracked for frequency and incentivized.

Traditional Media Tie-Ins
The Internet does not replace existing marketing and advertising programs, but they must work in concert for maximum benefit. We work with your marketing department to use your existing marketing and advertising programs to drive traffic and business to your Web site.

Micro-Site Sponsorships
Your target market consists of a unique community of like-minded people. We can help you locate or create such a community, and set up a sponsorship program that will indirectly and directly connect you with your prospects.

Banner Advertising 
Banner advertising forms the financial backbone of the Internet. With costs per thousand impressions ranging from as low as $5 to as high as $250, it is not inexpensive. Once we understand the product or services you want to market, and we determine that this is an appropriate marketing activity for you, we will make recommendations for banner ad placements.

Are You Ready Now? Or Do You Have Questions?
If you're interested in discussing your Internet marketing needs with BeachWorks, please give us a call at 641-209-1702 (after 10 a.m. CST) or complete the e-mail form below. At no charge, we'll be happy to consult with you and provide you with a proposal and cost estimate.





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