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Search Engine
Position Monitoring Services

Does your Web site show up on search engines? 

We can monitor the position, or rank, of your Web site on search engines. We also make recommendations to improve your site's position.

We offer several programs for monitoring Web site ranking or position with search engines. We can provide you with a weekly or monthly report showing you the position of your Web site when people search for your keywords. We also recommend changes to your Web site to improve your seach engine position, or ranking.

Search engines are the primary gateways to Web sites, and if your Web site doesn't receive a high ranking on relevant keywords, your prospects may be visiting your competitors' Web sites instead of yours.

Position Monitoring Report
The BeachWorks Search Engine Position Monitoring Service will provide you with a report that shows you how your Web site ranked on each of the ten major search engines, as well as the title and abstracts of the top ten sites ranked for those keywords.

Position Analysis Report
An optional service offered by BeachWorks is the Position Analysis Report. We review the Position Monitoring Report, compare it to the previous month's report, and analyze those sites that received a higher ranking. We then provide a written report that outlines recommended steps to improve your Web site's search engine ranking performance.

How Do We Do It?
BeachWorks uses the award winning program WebPosition Analyzer.

Click here if you would like to see a sample of the Search Engine Position Reports you will receive. A trial version of this program is can be downloaded from this Web site if you are interested in doing the monthly position analysis yourself (more information about downloading free trial version).

BeachWorks Reports and Analysis Save You Time and Money, and Keep Your Position Rankings High.
If all you need is the reports, having BeachWorks create the reports is a convenience that will save you time and insure that the reports are done on time. However, just having the reports is only part of the story. Knowing how to determine why some Web sites outperformed your Web site, and knowing what to do to improve your ranking is a BeachWorks specialty. Having BeachWorks create the reports and provide you with an analysis will help more people find your site (the name of the game!).

Search Engine Position Monitoring Costs

Search Engine Position Monitoring Report*


$150, one-time charge

Monthly Fee:

$75, one report/month

$225, one report/week

Search Engine
Position Monitoring & Analysis Report*


$150, one-time charge

Monthly Fee:

$225, one report/month

Payment Method

First Month:

Payment in advance


Net 10 upon approval of credit

* Prices based on determining the position of one Web site for up to 10 keywords at the top 10 search engines. Contact Beachworks if you are interested in having us track more keywords or monitor more than 10 search engines.

Contact BeachWorks Now!
If you're interested in the BeachWorks Search Engine Position Monitoring Services, or if you have questions, please complete the e-mail form below, or give us a call at 641-209-1702 (after 10 a.m. CST).





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