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Traffic Monitoring Service

Is your Web site achieving your marketing objectives? 

An effective Internet marketing program should include a monthly review and analysis of your Web site's log files. We can provide this service for you.

Your log files contain a wealth of information about who your visitors are, and what they are doing on your Web site. Which pages they like, and how long they view each page. And how they arrived at your site. When properly analyzed, your log files can help you significantly improve the performance of your Web site.

At BeachWorks, we use the most popular product for analyzing log files: WebTrends. Using WebTrends, we can provide you with weekly or monthly reports that will give you an excellent picture of the traffic on your Web site. Click here for a sample WebTrends Report.

Online Real-Time Traffic Reports
If you would like to have real-time traffic monitoring and analysis, and your site is hosted on an NT server, we can install and configure Media House Statistics Server.

Traffic Reports 
Our most basic service involves generating a monthly Traffic Report on your Web site, and then making it accessible to you by one or more of the following methods:

  • E-Mail (text, HTML, Word, or Excel format)
  • FTP to your server (anonymously or with a password)
  • HTML on BeachWorks server (password protected)

Traffic Analysis
This service involves reviewing the Traffic Report, analyzing the results, and providing a report that summarizes the results and recommends changes to improve performance. This report could very well be the best feedback you will get on how to improve your site!

Traffic Monitoring Costs
The cost to create WebTrends reports is dependent upon the amount of traffic your site has, and the size of your log files. We'll be happy to give you a specific quote once we understand your situation!

Contact BeachWorks Now!
If you're interested in the BeachWorks Traffic Monitoring Services, or if you have questions, please complete the e-mail form below, or give us a call at 319-688-0123 (after 10 a.m. CST).





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